Project Raveyard

We are a team of passionate game development students from the University of Skövde. Currently, we are working on producing Strobophagia as part of a game project course spanning ten weeks. The team consists of the following multi-talented individuals:


Kristian Jonsson - As well as Programming, 3D Modeling

Vanja Waller - As well as 2D Art

Game Writing

Ben Clarke - As well as Project Management, Narrative/Game Design, Video Editing

Anna Yngvesson - As well as 3D Modeling and 2D Art


Joakim Jonzon - Animation

Maria Levander - 2D Art, UI Design

Johanna Rasmussen - Animation, 2D Art

Music and Sound

Alexander Holstner - Music

Rickard von Friesendorff - Sound Design, Mixing

Arvid Frykman - Sound Design


Ludvig Arnås

Fredrik Kaiser

Johannes Vinqvist

Robin Zeijlon

And an immense special thanks to our loaned 3D artist, Emma Arltoft, for her patience and hard work. Without her help, Strobophagia would have been a much, much flatter game.