22 Aug 2018

State of Development

Update: Moving forward with development post course completion. Downloadable demo available in the near future!

Hi, and welcome to our first official development update!

As mentioned in our about section, Strobophagia began as a student project at the University of Skövde, as part of a game project course. We successfully completed our first alpha of the game during this course, and have since had the pleasure of exhibiting Strobophagia at our University, as well as at the Swedish Game Awards. The reactions and feedback we received at these events has been beyond encouraging, and we hope to not only have the opportunity to visit more events in the future, but also to release our first demo to you: the online public.

This of course begs the question: When can you download and play Strobophagia?

The answer is soon.

Since our course has ended (we passed with flying colours), we have for the time being shifted from full-time developers to part-time hobbyists. Our goal, however, remains the same: to release our barmy genre-mixing game to the public in as user-friendly way as possible.

Basically, our game works - and the core mechanics are fun and, at the very least, interesting. However, online connectivity is a huge hassle, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to play with your friends when we release or first demo. You can’t play a competitive horror game without the competition after all (and we really want you to play).

Make sure to follow us on twitter for news on when you can play Strobophagia, as well as for future development updates.

Until next time!