23 May 2018

Rave part 3/7

No news on the rave front I'm afraid, even though I've been hanging out on the forums pretty much day and night. I get this weird feeling that I won't even go at all, because I have no one to go with. I guess for now I'll just keep reading the stuff from that blog.

June 18th Sunday 2017
8:09 am

Good morning everyone!

As I'm writing this I'm pretty sure I'm still a bit high. Alyssa went back with me to my place, she's still asleep but I was too restless to go to bed. So I'm still awake. It's about 8 am. Last night was wild. We went to this venue last minute, riding in one of Alyssa's friend's car. It smelled like cigarettes and dog and we passed this old quarry which would have been great for a rave. If I ever host a rave, that's where I'd put it. Adam had brought his sister who'd gotten hold of some cheap stuff although we were wasted before we even got there. Cath told me not to take any of Lisa's drugs since they may not be pure enough but later on I saw Jacob talk to those guys and take the drugs. Such a fucking hypocrite, or maybe he just wanted them for himself. I'm pretty sure I got into a fight with him. My face hurts. I'm not usually like that, you know, but I guess I just got angry. Sarah had to hold me back. Maybe I'd been drinking more than I thought. I mean, I probably did, most nights I drink more than I know I should. I know, I know, that's bad, but it's only on the weekends and I'm only hungover on Mondays and that's not too unusual for anyone. Matt is going to be pissed though if I throw up in the men's room again. He's a bit of a bitch. I had a great time anyway, me and Jacob are still friends so I guess I didn't hurt him too bad, I mean I think we're still friends. Alyssa would've probably told me if we weren't cool. Right? Yeah. Anyway, this Sunday's for sleeping in I guess, if only I could fall asleep.

Good night, hopefully.

June 20th Tuesday 2017 12:46 pm

Hey Alright, so I haven't slept in two days. I've tried several times but I've been feeling way too awake to even close my eyes for more than a few minutes. Whenever I try to relax it's like my body tenses up again and now I even got this like tinnitus thing I guess, because I can hear this pounding noise and it doesn't stop. I guess I should've brought my earplugs last time we went out, but I forgot them in the rush. Guess I had this coming. If I haven't managed to get some sleep by tomorrow I'm going to the ER. I tried reading up on it online and some places said MDMA might do this you, the sleep thing I mean. Although, if it's just this once I don't think I'll quit anytime soon.

Talk you guys tomorrow.

June 23nd Friday 2017 11:53 am

Hi, everyone! I got some sleeping pills and I should be okay. Probably just the drugs or something. That beating in my ears is still there though. I'm a bit scared I might have fucked up my hearing for life, that'd suck. Alyssa told me not to worry about it, that it's not that uncommon for this to happen after a night out. She said it'd happened to her and her friends a lot of time and that it turned out fine. I'll try not to spend the day worrying. I'll get some chores done and then relax. Maybe try to get some sleep. On July 5th we're going on a trip to this other rave. It'll be me and Alyssa, Jacob, Hannah and Cath. We'll be staying in a hotel and I'm actually really excited about it! Hope the tinnitus is gone by then!

Hope everyone's having a good time!

[Rave is written by Anna Yngvesson]