26 May 2018

Rave part 6/7

Reading about this person and Alyssa makes me feel sick. I'm going to be honest with you; I need Alyssa. Or rather, someone like her. I've never had anyone like that. I need it. This person really has everything, and they don't even appreciate it. Just look at what they wrote next and you'll see what I mean. They have everything.

July 18th Tuesday 2017
9:01 am

I had another dream. We were at a party, me Alyssa and some people I don't know. Alyssa had her tubes in her hair but when I got closer they turned into snakes. I didn't wake up though, I had to wade through the crowd and get all the way back to the hotel before I woke up. Philip is talking to Jacob in the other room. He's always on his computer, whenever he's not talking to Alyssa. Should I be jealous? I feel jealous. And angry. I'm angry a lot nowadays. I'm not sure why.

July 19th Wednesday 2017
11:11 am

Jacob and Hannah are doing something in the bathroom. I can barely hear it through the tinnitus but it sounds like they're fighting. Or maybe they're singing. I can't tell. Philip talked to me this morning. Said I should sleep. That I should be rested. I said I could sleep tonight but then he said we're doing stuff tonight.

July 19th Wednesday 2017
1:13 pm

Alyssa said she wanted to try out a new game tonight. I will be standing on chair in the hotel's basement with all the lights out, holding an unlit candle. She wouldn't tell me the rest. Said it wouldn't work properly if I knew. I trust her.

[Rave is written by Anna Yngvesson]