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Green Tile Digital
Based in Skövde,

Release Date:

October 28th 2020




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Strobophagia Discord server
Strobophagia steam page


“Following a promise of the ultimate expression of freedom, you find yourself at the Headless Festival. However, that freedom comes at a cost as the organisers announce that the price of admission is the lives of all attendees. Find a way to escape, even as the forest itself appears to work against you. Try to maintain a grip on reality while logic takes a backseat. And whatever you do, stay away from the sinister presence in the darkness. Can you make your way out without losing yourself?”

Strobophagia is a survival horror game with a unique psychedelic forest rave atmosphere. In the currently released alpha version, players can explore an early slice of the Headless Rave festival — where they can either attempt to escape or solve the mysterious rave’s “rites” in order to experience two distinct teaser endings. The game uses a unique smartphone-mechanic, which allows players to follow the wi-fi signals of various pirate boxes, scattered around the forest rave, in order to find their way around the festival grounds. This also allows the player to communicate with the other attendees connected to the individual networks.

The full game is planned for release on October 28th 2020, and will expand on the features found in the playable alpha.


Strobophagia began as a student project at the University of Skövde, 2018. During this time, over the span of 10 weeks, an early version of the game was created. The project’s successful teamwork and emerging friendships gave rise to what would eventually become the indie game startup Green Tile Digital.

While simultaneously finishing their bachelor’s theses, the team developed the alpha for Strobophagia at the game incubator in Science Park Skövde. This is where the team is currently situated, developing the full game while working part time to make ends meet.


  • Exploration-based survival horror through a psychedelic rave lens
  • Macabre puzzles following twisted logic
  • An oppressive yet danceable dark-electro soundtrack
  • In-game smartphone mechanic that helps you locate points of interest and consult the numerous attendees for help


Strobophagia Rave Horror Release date Trailer. Download.

Strobophagia Rave Horror Release date Trailer. Link.

Strobophagia alpha story teaser. Link.

[Alpha Beta Gamer] Strobophagia: Rave Horror - Dance, Drink & Die in this Psychedelic Rave Horror Game! Link.


download files as .zip (63 KB)


download files as .zip (7 KB)

Awards & Recognition

  • SGA Finalist - Best Execution in Audio.

    - Swedish Game Awards 2018

The Green Tile Team

Ben Clarke
Project Management, Narrative Design, Animation

Kristian Jonsson
Design, Programming

Vanja Waller
Design, Art

Tom Yngvesson
Writing, Art, 3D

Maria Levander
Art, UI Design

Rickard von Friesendorff
Sound Design, Music

Ludvig Arnås

Fredrik Kaiser

Robin Zeijlon